My Gadget Repairs offers multiple tools to manage your phone repair shop

The organization is basic to obtain good results in the mobile repairing shops. For this reason, sophisticated programs have been created that provide simple and quick options that will make any business more effective.

In My Gagdet Repairs, you will find very useful tools to manage a phone repair shop or any other business. The good administration of a trade depends on several factors, such as billing, inventory, promotions, customer acquisition and control of repairs in order.
To achieve excellent results, you must maintain control over appointments, providing a service in several languages to get in touch with customers of different nationalities. In addition to having cell phone repair software, other applications that are compatible are also integrated.

For greater performance, there is the possibility of lending a device to the client while the repair is being made. In the same way, you will be informed of the date of return of the same. Keeping the dating service available on the page is vital so you do not lose them.

We handle business anywhere in the world, with different monetary symbols and schedules. It is possible to have control over one or more stores with different locations, due to the Big Chain project that encompasses them all.

There is a system that sends the received emails to the tickets, to be always in contact. To save the information you can use document storage called GDPR, which keeps them in one place.

This software generates a website so that the business can be seen online and from any device in a short time. It also warns, with notifications, regarding the bills that are pending or the tickets for other repairs.

The entire system that uses My Gadget Repairs is in the cloud, with permanent access and without the need for hardware or difficult installations. Organize all the repairs you have and the ones you must perform, providing an easy work schedule for your employees.

Everything you need to manage your repair shop is at

Posted on April 19, 2019