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Dare to leave all the originality of the stories you create in your mind in a video game, Episode is the game for IOS and Android where the story is written by the players, there is no previously written script or a single way to achieve the outcome of an innovation in the way of playing that attracts hundreds of players every day, and as a condiment to such a good structure there is the possibility that the story that is developed will be read by hundreds of other people and players.

As in any juice there must be a way to buy things within the game, the coins in this case are called gems and every day when the session is filled in automatically, the game grants a significant number of gems on a daily basis, the problem is that every day the player must also spend large amounts to make the story advance, the balance is broken when you need more gems than you have, there are many ways to obtain gems, to know the simplest and most effective click here.
Not only the gems are exchanged in episode the other currency are the passes that are also scarce in the game, to get them fast and without complications enter immediately at, both passes and gems allow you the player to build the characters, conversations, scenarios and everything that involves each scene, get free pass is the dream of every writer in episode and depending on those are many websites that claim to grant them when in fact they are not more than deceptions that can lead to the devices a number of viruses and pirated software that even damage the computers permanently.
Veteran and well-informed players only rely on levelshack to get as many passes and gems as necessary to create the environment and story that the player wants and best of all without having to wait a long time to get them.

Posted on April 16, 2019