Cheap hosting services and problem with PBN

When you plan to start a private blog network servicefor your own business or for a client’s website, you need to take good care of a lot of things because this is the hot topic in SEO industry and you should never be caught. If caught, results would be very distressing for you and you might get blacklisted for a lifetime from Google. There are many things that could affect your PBN service but the most important thing in this regard is the hosting service that you are using for your network. Hosting cannot be a problem if it is done properly. First of all, try to avoid cheap hosting service providers which charge low but there are many problems attached to their service. Further most of the bloggers with an intention to set up a network use the cheap services and that is how likelihood of getting caught by Google is increased manifold. If you know how to avoid the risk of being trapped then you should use this method otherwise my sincere advice is to not use such a method. is a nice way to start up your gambling business because these people know how to get links for a gambling website in the shortest possible time. You can rely on such a service which is expert in providing with the backlinks through PBN.

Do not use same hosting for all the blogs:
This is a crucial point and should be kept in mind while maintaining the blogs for your clients. If you use the same hosting, there would be same timestamp and probability of getting trapped would be more. This is why you should try to get different hosting from different companies to get things done in a more professional and a better way than others.

Posted on July 11, 2019